What is Your Identity?

What I will learn?

  • What your identity is
  • Where to find your identity
  • Whether you can have multiple identities
  • How to change your identity
  • How to protect your identity
  • What is a brand
  • If you are a brand
  • How long brands last
  • People and brands
  • What mentality you should have in business
  • Misconceptions about the business ecosystem
  • Your worth
  • How to dominate Web 2.0

Course Curriculum

What is Your Identity?
Know who you truly are.

What is A Brand?
Know what a brand is and what it entails.

Business Mentalities
Know of what mentality to have to succeed. Learn of what misconceptions exist.

Student Ratings & Reviews

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4 Ratings
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4 months ago
Very valuable class.... Your identity is in how well you understand yourself; your strengths, your weaknesses, your capabilities, your value, your uniqueness and your niche
5 months ago
Very informative and insightful.
5 months ago
Very Insightful,
2 years ago
Course Duration: 2h
Last Updated:September 11, 2022

A course by

Stephen Siloma
Stephen Siloma
CEO & Founder, Brait Consulting Limited

Material Includes

  • A PDF Document (Course Content)
  • An Excel Document (Dominate Web 2.0 Guide)


  • There are no software or materials needed
  • You'll be equipped with information on how to know who you are and the business ecosystem in this course, so simply need a willingness to learn

Target Audience

  • People looking to start or scale up their business
  • People wanting to improve their confidence in business, or hone existing skills
  • Both beginners and experts in running business - this course has lots of little known techniques included
  • Anyone wanting to be richer in their personal and professional life


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What is Your Identity

What is Your Identity?

Before you enter into business, you need to know who you are! You need to know yourself first before you can understand anything you try

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