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Are you a creative? Are you wondering how gain industry skill or thrive in the creative ecosystem? Are you looking to set up your business or scale up your existing business? Join our community of creatives and get access to free learning resources, and a wealth of priceless business tips.

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For the longest time, creatives have not had the knowledge to make their skill mean something to them. Most times, they cannot balance between what they should earn and passion. 

Brait Academy is simply a knowledge hub by Brait Consulting Limited that offers completely FREE training and business insights for creatives in dire need to improve their skills and grow their businesses.

Our biggest resolve is this, “Nobody should die with the talents and skills they have! Freely were they given and freely should they pass them on!”

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Knowing Your Identity

Before you enter into business, you need to know who you are! You need to know yourself first before you can understand anything you try to do.

During your life you will come across hundreds of situations that will put your identity to the test. Whether applying for a job, starting a new business, or doing a business negotiation. In this course you will learn how to identify know you are. Everything around you revolves around your identity be it your relationship with people or in whatever tasks you do. Learn your identity and leap in personal and financial success.

The Learn How To

Create Your Brand

You are what you show out to the world. Different audiences know you differently. People in your childhood may know you by your childhood nickname, your colleagues know you by another and your boss/clients know you differently. You are a brand different to many audiences.

Building a brand is no different from how you (as a person) are built in the world. Just the same way you have a name (identity), a personality and a purpose, brands also have the same; that’s why you hear of Brand Identity, Brand Personality, Brand Purpose, Brand Voice etc.

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